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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 12, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. next, there is new hope for freedom for that american jailed in iran. the nightmare continues in a northern californitown after that gas line explosion. we're waiting for a news conference. pl in campaign mode, what can president obama do to save some democratic necks? and daughters and divorce. why are married couples with daughters more likely to break up. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." it's just past 11:00 on the east coast. let's get to what's happening
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right now. sharp words from a top white house adviser this morning as both parties stake out their positionon the economy. on "meet the press" this morning, david axelrod blasted republican calls to extend the bush era tax cuts and is taking on one republican by name. >> listen to what john boehner, the man who would be speaker, has said about what he wants to do about the economy, says he wants to restore those tax cuts for companies that ship our jobs overseas, he wants to cancel the obama tax cuts part of the recovery act for the middle class and raise taxes on 110 million families and yet he wants to borrow $700 billion to give millionaires and billionaires another tax cut and add to our deficit. >> mike viqueira is live at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. >> john boehner becoming a favorite white house target. >> no fewe than eight times did president obama mention john boehner's speech in the economic
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speech he gave last wednesday, cleveland being in the home state of john boehner, ohio. they are looking for someone to hit a punching bag as democrats are really underun the crunch n. they stand to lose their majority in the house of representatives. many experts say there's a better than even chance that's going to happen. and perhaps even the seate. that spells serious trouble for this white house with republicans leading the house, the president would have to recalibrate his entire legislative strategy. david axelrod, there are facts and figures all over, most get to the question of extending the bush era tax cuts. the republicans led by john boehner want to do that for everyone including the wealthiest americans as defined by the president of couples making more than $250,000 a year. there appears to be soeme wiggl room on the part of john boehner who said this morning on another program, that he would have to vote for that if thatpt were th only option he could vote for. that situation very fluid. john boehner now, under attacku
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from democrats, you're right. they have been pointing recently to an episode from 1995 when boehner admits he was handing out tobacco lobby checks on the house of representatives floor. that's mentioned time and time again by democrats. a "new york times" article very unflattering portrait of john boehner being tweeted by the spesman robert gibbs over and over again, i think four separate tweets from gibbs. rudy giuliani, a leading republican, former presidential candidate for the republican nomination, last time around, says john boehner's the man. he could be the speaker of the house. here's what giuliani said on "meet the press" this morning. >> pobably right today the next couple months john boehner would be the most prevalent voice because he's the one that has the best chance of becoming a national leader in an official way over the next two to three months. >> reporter: alex, it's official. the campaign season is upon us. congress comes back this week. they're only going to be here
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for three weeks, four at the most, and then it's back out on the mustings, more of this red meat politics for the next two months. >> okay. something we'll be talking about a lot together. mike viqueira. catch david's full interview with david axelrod and mayor giuliani when "meet the press" reairs at 2:00 eastern on "msnbc sunday." we are following a developing story out of iran at this hour, a jailed american hiker held for over 13 months by iranian authorities may be released withindays. sarah shourd could soon come home on about a half million dollars bail. nbc's ali arouzi is joining us from london and with a good day to you a story we're eager to see the outcome of, any news from tehran, ali? >> well, it's the news we've been hearing since the last few days. there's been so many twists and turns in this story. friday the president's announcement she was going tohee freed on saturday and then tehran's chief prosecutor overturned that and then the chief prosecutor gave a press
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conference saying as long as she pays the $500,000 bail she can go home. she has to face trial. the chief prosecutor said josh fattal and shane bauer will have to remain in jail until their trial. that has been cleared up more. there was speculation in tehran that maybe all three of them would get released together. this is why it's been delayed. but he put that rumor to rest, saying that the other two will have to remain in prison for now. >> and ali,we understand that the reasoning behind sarah's release, at least in part if it happens, bau because of her deteriorating health. what do you know about that? >> yes. we've been hearing ongoing stories about this. we visited sarah and her two colleagues in an iranian hotel when her mother came to visit. they all looked very tired, very worse for wear, but sarah looked the worse of the three. she complained in that interview she wasn't feeling well. later on her mother had made statements saying she had lumps in her breasts and other medical
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conditions and that she wasn't being treated by a door there. so the authorities in iran have to be aware of that. that's got to be a factor weighing into her release, they don't want something bad to happen to her in an iranian jail before she has been tried or charged. >> okay. ali arouzi, thank you for that update. we hope for sarah's soon release. appreciate that police in san bruno confirm three more deaths in that massive gas line explosion, bringing the total now to seven. crews are still searching the charred disaster area as a reported six people are still missing. all survivors know they are lucky to be alive, many are frustrated by their uncertain futures. well, we want to know what will happen after this, you know. are they going to rebuild our house? i want to have a home for my family. >>ing myle almaguer has more from san bruno, california. what are you hearing about how many residents may be be able to
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return home and anything new from the press conference if. >> alex, the exact numbers are uncertain. as a matter of fact, just over my left shoulders here a press conference began a few minutes ago with ci officials, outlining and detailing what resident cans return home, giving them addresses that are okay to go back home to and let them know they have a fe hours and they can move back in permanently. that press conference is going on right now. we hope to get more information from that press conference about e number of fatalities and the number of missing. as you'll recall as you mentioned, there are seven people that have been confirmed dead. that number has fluctuated according to sources and we know at least six people are still missing. we hope to have more information on that in just a short time, alex. >> how about reports about the gas line being in question. i mean its ability to do its job safelyople and reports of peoplo smelled gas in the days leading up to the explosion thursday? >> there were certainly several reports of residents spelling gas. the pipeline was odorized, an odor in thesline where you
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can smell the gas and know something is wro, smell it leaking out of the pipeline. there werereports, pg&e, the gas company that owns the line, there were some reports folks had elled gas, pg&e says they're going over their records, trying to confirm that. we know this pipeline was nearly 50 years old and was scheduled to be replaced in the near future. this was a 30-inch diameter pipeline, a very big pipeline running underneath this residential area. typically in most residential areas you don't have a pipeline quite that big and that's one of the reasons it was slated to be replaed. >> nbc'sing my miguel almaguer. six people are dead after a shooting rampage in kentucky that witness say was triggered when the gunman didn't like the way hi breakfast was prepared. can you believe that? 47-year-old stanley shot and killed his wife and step daughter and three others in two mobile homes before turning the gun on himself. thegunman's landlordsaid mr.
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neace had grown hostile toward his neighbors and had started eviction proceedings because neace was unpredictable. this season's fourth hurricane is swirling in the atlantic and hurricane igor was upgraded to a category 2 storm and expected to gain more strength by late monday. for the complete sunday forecast let's go to the weather channel's jeff morrow. good morning, jeff. >> alex, we do have a fairly strong hurricane out here. this one's rapidly developing. you can see the eye. that's igor as you mention out here in the central atlantic. there's another system bend that, probably a depssion here before t long, it will continue to work its way to the west. if it ge a name it would be julia. but igor is a little more current concern because it'se going to be taking a track which thankfully we think will take it north of the winward islands in the caribbean. good news for puerto rico and the virgin islands. a little farther north i think the island of bermuda off the
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east coast will have to watch this closely. we think it will gain strength maybe up to 130 miles an hour on category 4 strength. looks like right now, though, the track might take it off the east coast. soe'll keep a close watch on this. but we'll ha to watch it closely as we head toward the end of this upcoming week. as far as the forecast for our nation here on the lowerth 48, through this grandparents ay, think we'll have a beautiful day in places like minneapolis and chicago. little rainy around new york for e early part of the day. but as we head down to atlanta and dallas, partly to mostly sunny and warm, temperatures in the 90s. >> sounds not too bad, jeff morrow. thank you. in a moment, what is president obama's strategy to help the democrats hold on to congress? we'll take a look on "msnbc sunday." welcome to the world of lovaza, where nature meets science.
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new york skyline was lit up last night to commemorate 9/11 with the annual tribute in lights. a pa of blue beams symbolizing the towers illuminated the sky. the beams had to be turned off about 30 minutes aft a thousand confused birds flew into the powerful lights. the building paid tribute to 9/11 with the top of the s skyscraper lit up in red white and blue. data on u.s.overty is due out next week and experts say the numbers do not look good. during the height of the recession the number of people livi in poverty may have spiked from 13.2% to 15%, adds up to about 45 million people on about one in seven. child poverty may be above 20%. it would be the highest single year spike since recordkeeping back in 1959. the mid terms fast approaching and president obama in what "new york times" columnist maureen dowd calls his best buzzer beating mtrode.
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made recenttrips to cleveland and lwaukee and gave a news conference on friday and tomorrow back in virginia. is it enough to pull ahead and rescue democrats across the country. let's bring in aaron mcperin. good morning. >> good morning. >> do you the president is as good of a campaigner as candidate obama in 2008? >> he's getting there. that's what a lot of opinion columnists are saying, he's finally getting his groove back and bring the fight a little more. you mentioned some of the places he's been to recently and i would point out that some of his public appearances in places like wisconsin and also in pennsylvania, are in states that are pretty riable for democrats in recent campaign cycl. the fact that he's going to states like that show that the democrats are going have a very tough time. obama was able to win states likened yanna and north caroliiana -- like indiana and north carolina and now they're going back to the traditional democratic states means he's got to fightep pretty hard to keep
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some of those states within their column. specific define a white house strategy here, as we move into the home stretch? is there a clear strategy or are they throwing things against the wall and figuring out what sticks best and going with that? >> right now we're just trying to figicure out what public is really paying attention to. we're just a week removed from labor n day. it's starting to tighten up a little bit. republicans were moving ahead in the polls and starting to pull away from democrats and now you see like i said, obama going to states like pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio, states that should be easy for democrats to win. ohio is looking better and better for the rublicans. so the white house strategy is more just to save these states that are pretty easy for democrats. >> what about all the distractions this president has had over the past month? the proposed islamic center, the pastor in florida with his
11:18 am
threats to burn the koran, oil spill in the gulf, how much has all of thise overshadowed the president's scheduled agenda? >> the last two months of the campaign are what are going to matter, september and october. at, obviously, has take away some of his ability to go out more into some of these states, but in terms gof how it's going to affect things going forward, i think that's yet to be edetermined. he still is going to have plenty of time to get out into the states in october and that's when it's really going to matter the most. >> to what extent is the white house concerned about should the gop do well and win the house come november there's going to be all these investigio they have threatened or promised or implied they're going to do? >> i think that is the one thing that they're worried about mostp they're most worried the more i talk to democrats around capitol hill and who are connected to the white house, their top concern is darrell issa for
11:19 am
whether or not they win the house. that's the biggest reason why they don't want to lose this house to the republicans. al >> okay. southern california congressman there and he'll be the one leading the investigation as he has said he's going to. erin mcpike, thank you very much. authorities in new york state are trying to figure out why a double-decker bu crashed into a bridge. we're going to talk with a reporter on the latest in this tragic accident in just a few minutes here on "msnbc sunday." . [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users at they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's fr. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ] but now, to get it really cooking, you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working. online ads and 1-on-1 marketing consultation. yellowbook's got all that. yellowbook360 has a whole spectrum of tools.
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but look below the surface. your mouth is no different. just brushing leaves germs behind. adding listerine® antiseptic cleans deeper. [ boom! ] to penetrate and kill more germs. [ exhale ] [ male announcer ] listerine®. clean deeper. get healthier™. police are investigating an incident in pennsylvania where hundreds of students were accidentally shown ated pictures during an assembly. official say a speaker from the local blood bank was giving a presentation when it took that turn. the man apparently stored porn gri on the same flash job where he kept information about storing blood. students were stunned and parents were outraged. >> then the principal saw it and then they went up immediately and tried stopping it. >> wow. by that time you guys had
11:23 am
already seen. >> by that time i think everybody had seen. >> i think he should be punished and punished to the fullest. >> the school sent home an apology letter and the worker has been suspended indefinity. new theory on why parents of daughters divorce more than e sons. a 2003 study found a couple is 5% more likely to get divorced if they have a daughter, 10% more likely if they have three girls compared to three boys. a psychologist from the university of notre dame says it could be the emotional support a daughter provides for her mother that is causing morein splits. joining me no clinical psychologist dr. garrdeer, msnbc contributor and contributory health >> does this make sense to you? >> it makes all the sense in the world. a couple months ago we talked about this having to do with another study and you asked me, why is it parents with sons seem to stay together longer than parents with daughters and i said i think it's because the mothers are bonding much clesser
11:24 am
and much more intimately with their daughters and this is proven that this is common sense. >> meaning that it takes away the bond of intimacy from between the mother -- i mean the father and mother together, the husband and wife? >> in some ways it perhaps interferes. what we're seeing is that a study shows that boys tend to cause parents to do more chores versus girls and that girls are giving more emotional support to parents, especially to their moms, than to their dads. i think mothers with daughters are a lot less willing to tolerate a husband's bad behavior because with a daughter, she will never be lonely and she will never be without help? >> this this all based on the ft that daughters provide better emotional support for the mothers. that's not always true. >> no, it's not. >> i have a son and daughter and i can compare both and i keep questioning this study. >> that's why we only see a 5% difference of mothers with daughters versus mothers and
11:25 am
fathers with sons. so you're right, that's not always the truth there. but we're seeing it more and more, that we socialize our girls to be much more emotnally supportive to parents, to one another, versus boys who tend to clam up and we teach them, real boys don't really cry. real boys don't really talk about their feelings. but girls do. and that is an asset. >> do you find in divorce in general, do children tend to side with one parent over the other? is it the parent who initiates the divorce or the one who's been the victim and the studies that i saw, shows it's like 73% of divorces are started by the wives. >> by three quarters. >> i was surprised. >> three quarters of the divorces are initiated by the wives. what we're finding is it doesn't matter as to the sex of the children, as far as the bonding, they will bond with that parent that they tend to see less of. in other words, theyth will bla that parent who's always
11:26 am
around -- you always hurt the ones you love because they're the ones that are around you, tey will blame them for not seeing that parent that quite of home. so that's the one they may tend to bond with a little bit more. >> it is all so interesting. sometimes statistics surprise i me. >> it goes to show you why it is children always feel on some level that they are in some ways responsible for their parents breaking up. weave to be very, very careful wi these divorces and how our kids are viewing it and viewing themselves. >> very good point there, jeff. as always. thank you. >> thanks. >> to the fabs and firsts. the high achievers and flat out leaders on today's list of number known for goling dn hot ds but joey chestnut has broken the record for eating burritos. he downed7 to set a new worl record. now word on how much pepto-bismol he had to drink. thumb's up for the chicago area high school students who may have set a record for the
11:27 am
most high fives in one hour. the students did 1363 high fives with the school's mascot in one hour. that's almost a thousand more than the current mark. guinness still has to verify that record. >> at the x office requests resident evil" appears headed tore nom one. deadline hollywood says the 3d thriller will real in about $28 million over a slow weekend at the theater. >> he looks -- >> that's the 202 box office hit "my big fat greek wedding" tops the cnbc list of the most profitable movies of all time. the comedy earned $369 million. its return on the investment, mo than 6,000%. topping the sic chart, the catalyst leads bill board's rock category. check it out.
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♪ >> from there to katy perry and what else would you expect om her? her "teenage" dream takes the spot. those are your nber ones on "msnbc sunday." ♪ this is real so take a chance ♪
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it's "msnbc sunday." i'm alex witt. here are your fast five headlines. a senior iranian prosecutor says american sair ha shourd will be free to leave the country if she can make the half million dollars bail. her attorney is working on arrangements to make bail and hopes shourd will be freed in two to three days. in san bruno, california, the death toll from the explosion is up to seven. police say they cannot account for six other people still.
11:32 am
in boulder, colorado, firefighters think they might have the wildfire contained by tomorrow night. the ten square mile blaze has destroyed 169s homes. hurricane igor has been upgraded to a category 2 tomorrstorm. it's about 1200 miles east of the leewards with sustained winds topping 105 miles per hour. overseas police used tear gas to break up fighting between ethnic albanians and kurds in koso kosovo. those are this hour's fast five headlines. with several warning signs in place how did the driver of the double-decker bus slam into an overpass saturday morning in a syracuse suburb? four people died in this crash. the investigation continues as more than two dozen people recover from their injuries chris wideman joins us from wsyr radio where he is a news anchor. with a good morning to you, what happened? >> good morning. it's nice being with you. investigators with the sheriff's
11:33 am
department still trying to piece this all together. apparently this bus driver did have familiarity with this route. he's made this run from philadelphia to toronto before. again, the bus left philadelphia at around 10:00 on friday night, en route to toronto with a planned stop in syracuse before stopping in buffalo. he was heading north on interstate 81 through the city of syracuse and authorities are speculating what happened. there was some sort of distraction, he missed his exit and ended up on the parkway and gee graphically this area is a couple miles north of the city of syracuse. while traveling down the parkway he was not supposed to be there on there to begin with, apparently ignored the warning lights and believe me, this area is well marked with warning lights, reflective tape, and various warning signs indicating that the clearance on that bridge is 10 feet 9 inches. this double-decker bus
11:34 am
apparently roughly 13 feet high, slammed into the railroad overpass, sheering off the esto and coming to rest on its side. >> it's just too horrible to contemplate. we see the bridge in the video we're showing an it's clearly marked with ight red. you said this trip started at0 about :00 p.m. and would that be a problem here as well, the fact that, you know, it's night time? >> it could be. but again there are warning lights and this area is rather illuminated with the warning signs. this particular bridge has been a nemesis through the years inevitably, at least a couple of times, and i may be low lling that, there's a tractor trailer and this happens during broad daylight that will slam into that bridge d become wedged underneath. >> okay. chris wideman, thank you for the update on this horrific crash from wsyr radio in syracuse. y thanks. >> you bet you. an alabama police officer is recovering after a twist of fate. corporal david brown involved in
11:35 am
two auto acciden this weekend. first up in a funeral procession, a car hit his motorcycle sending corporal brown 50 yards. then as he was transported to the hospital the ambulance carrying that officer overturned and caught fire. the second ambulance brought him to the hospital. corporal brown had emergency surgery. no word on his current condition. new signs today white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is weighing a po teshlg bid for mayor of chicago. a a source tells wmaq he is testing the waters polling local voters. the survey is gauging how the former congressman stacks up against other likely candidates and howe voters judge his relationship with the president. >> > with the mid terms around the corner the white house is launching a flurry of of new economic proposals. on "meet the press" david gregory questioned david axelrod about what impact the measures could have if they are t passed before the upcoming elections. >> the goal is not to have impact by november. the goal is to have impact and
11:36 am
to get this economy moving again. i know everybody is looking at this in washington looking at this election at the economy through the prism of the election but when people are sitting around their kitchen table they're not looking at the nbc news poll, david. they're looking at bills they can't pay. they're concerned about that i fewer tu future. we want to know we're no only going to get the economy accelerating but future growth. >> let's bring in a.b. stoddard, editor for the hill there. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> you heard david axelrod say the white house is not looking at things through a political lens. do you agree? what's your take on that? >> oh, no they absolutely are. the president said a new months ago the republicans are obstructing just on a political basis everything he tries to propose and the democrats in congress try to propose, including efforts to help small businesses and that he is ready to politic as well as he thinks he has in the past. he said that several weeks ago.
11:37 am
he is out in campaign style appearances everywhere he can in important swing states and doing all he can to get this message out. the problem in terms of what axelrowas talking about,s that, you know, they do want to shift the tide of this momentum for the republicans before november and those proposals permanent extension of the research and development tax credit write ofoffs for purchases of new equssipment, f businesses for the year 2011, all of those things if they are going to help new infrastructure spending they could have been proposed many, many months ago or a year ago, and they would have helped by now. it's tough for the white house to answer those questions because they want it to just help the economy, but they -- these proposals are coming in rather late and it looks like they're coming in for the political ca dar. >> david axelrod says the economy is not about short-term politics, he was quick to blame republicans in the senate. let me play you more sound on
11:38 am
that. >> we've been trying for months, as you know, toal pass addition tax breaks for small businesses on top of the eight we've given them and expand lending. that has been held up by politics in the united states senate. >> a.b., even if this bill to help small businesses passed, the white house has a troubled economy on its hands.te house s solution in the future or is it just time they're hoping to turn things around? what is it? >> oh alex, if they had an answer, we would know it by now. i mean i think that they struggle on the margins with, you know, tax breaks for small businesses and efforts as, you know, as they're proposing now, newca infrastructure jobs, becae the first stimulus program apparently didn't contain enough of it, putting, you know, projects to put people back to work. we would know no now if they had a big plan. they're hoping over time consumer confidence restores to a healthy level where we have enough demand to really, you know, have businesses investing
11:39 am
in new hires now. there's not enough growth and businesses are make doing with what they have and make nothing growth they're usingth the labor that they have and they're not making new hires. this is something that the administration is struggling with to try to work with it, with businesses and try to create some more certainty. they don't really have more tricks up their sleeve they haven't already revealed. >> the encouraging numbers from the economy last week, is that enough to turn things around and what about the timing ahead of the november elections, is there enough time to turn things around? >> there really isn't because we -- president obama entered office in january of 2009 in an economic crisis. the likes of which most haven't seen in their lifetime and we haven't gotten out of it. expes can say we're not in a double dip recession but what americans can see is stubborn unemployment that's not changing, makes they worried, they are m saving their money a not spending usit. everyone is anxious about the
11:40 am
future and that really, with seven weeks to the mid term elections on tuesday, there is not enough time to change the minds of americans worried about this economy withsmall little indications, though they may be good, from the periphery. they want to see unemhployment move in the right direction soon and that won't happen in the next few months. >> a.b. stoddard, thanks so much. >> thanks, alex. here's something that's a real hoot. check out the musician in london who plays an organ consisting of 16 squeaky toy cats. pretty amusing or at least prince charles loved it. he and wife camilla caught them at a festival that left them and the rest in stitches. th organ player may have gotten big laug. it's funny to listen to, i guess. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe
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the nationwide real estate bust has hit the state of florida especially hard driving prices into the ground. now investors and first-time home buyers are snapping up the fallout. condos for the price of a car, casesfor $50,000 and some less. nbc's michelle kosinski in south florida with more. >> can you smell the money? >> reporter: investors follow their noses to a foreclosure tour bus. >> the bank took pit. >> reporter: a hot pursuit of bargain basement homes to buy on the spot. this time there's one priced so low, even they can't believe it. >> i've never seen anything quite like it in my life. >> reporter: however, this specimen truly is hard to believe. >> all this was enclosed without a permit. windows, drywall, it's even raining in the house right now. >> reporter: well, this is what you get in a four bedroom for the price of something with four wheels. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: once worth around e $250,000. >> when some people walk in and they see hell, you guys see?
11:45 am
>> smell the money. >> smell money in there sp? >> absolutely. >> all cash, as is, quickclose. >> reporter: like friendly vultures picking over the remains of the south florida's boom and bust. >> french doors. >> reporter: laura is smiling again. in december she lost her corporate banking job to the economy, so got her real estate license and bought her first investment, three bedrooms, $47,000. sold it for $99,000. >> i was like wow, this is amazing. >> reporter: laura bought one home for $38,000. working on her fourth flip here's what it looked like before and today. >> i'm very proud of this one. >> reporter: with hundreds of thousands of foreclosures in south florida in the last three years there are still plenty out there. in palm beach county these are all of the foreclosures that sold in one week's time. this three bedroom snapped up for $52,000. this beautiful four bedroom,
11:46 am
$100,000. which was rehabbed andsold for 187. buying low and selling low, those who could never afford a home like michael. >> this is the master bedroom. >> very happy. he bought a three bedroom condo working distance to school for 100 grand, less than half what it was once worth. now costs him less than rent would. >> looking forward to ny happy years and a lot of good times here. >> home sweet home. >> it sure is. >> michelle, thanks for that. to put those home prices in perspective, the national association of realtors say the medium price of a single family home was $183,000 back in july. president obama continues to pinch his ideas for fixing an economy. in a news conference friday he blasted their efforts to extend the bush era tax cuts for wealthier americans. >> what i've got is the republicans holding middle class tax reli hostage because
11:47 am
they're insists we've got to give tax relief to millionaires and billionaires to the tune of about $100,000 per millionaire. which would cost over the course of ten years $700 billion. >> with more on the impact on of the bush tax cuts and what they mean, i'moined by vera gibbons. the president wants to keep the bush tax cuts for people earn less than a arter million dollars, not for those earning over that amount. you did an analysis of what this would be in terms of the impact if congress does not extend the tax cuts. >> that's what we don't know yet. obama would like to keep the tax cuts for the vast majority of americans for 98% of americans and let them expire for the wealthiest. >> push it through congress -- >> they've got to get approved. if nothing happens if the tax cuts are let to expire, everybody will be up against higher tax bckbrackets. we have six tax brackets 10 to
11:48 am
35%, the lowest about 15% and go up to 39.6%. >> okay. for that group there. how much more would the tax man take from us if you can look at some of the details in the numbers if they're allowed to expire. gave me specifics. >> if they're allowed to expire everybody would see their tax -- would end up paying more in taxes. up against a tax increase obviously. if you're making between 20 and $30,000, the average tax increase would be about $800. 30 to $40,000, for ample, your average tax increase would be about $900. there is a good calculator on go to their website and plug in your taxable income and see if the tax cuts were let to expire versus if they're extended how much your tax bill would be or get a ball parkwpark figure. >> for families, child credits. >> the bush tax cuts were good for that. the tax credit per child is $100 if these tax breaks are not extended, back it to $500 and there would be different qual y qualificati
11:49 am
qualifications. more difficult for families to get that credit and up against higher capal gains andta dividend taxes. it's 15%. you would be looking at a capital gains long term of 20% and dividends taxed at ordinary income rates at 36.6%. that would be an increase of 264%. why you're seeing some investors take the gains off the table in anticipation of what could potentially be down the rad? we have to say the president wants to keep the ild tax credits. he wants to keep that. it's tough to raise taxes in this environment wen peopleare losing their jobs, losing their homes, barely makends he would like to keep the tax cuts for the vastan majority o americans. >> we're going to see what happens with all that. >> to be continued. >> for sure. thanks very much. it is the look that is in these days at school. it's denim. we're going to size up great looks foyou next on "msnbc sunday." yellowbook has alway been good for business. but these days you need more than the book. u need website development,
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good newfor college grads. starting salaries that were on the decline appear to be leveling off. according to a study released by the national association of colleges and employers, the average starting salary for 2010 grads dipped by 0.7%, compared with the year before. last year, the average pay was down 1.2% for the 2009 grads. fashion week is in full swing here in new york city. fashionistas took over the lincoln center to kick off all the festivities, but while new styles hit the runway each year, some american classics, like jeans and leather jackets, they never seem to go out of style. they're talk about the hottest fall fashions is page adams geller, the president and ceo of page premium denim. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so glad you're here and i'm wearing my pag jeans i have to say, too. you rock y i do but that's okay. let's start with leatr jackets. it's a good investment to have. >> absolutely. i think leather neveroes out of style. one of my favorite uniforms. wear it as a layeng piece during the winter.
11:54 am
during spring throw it on. my favorite is called the ridley jacket what i have on. why i love this, a cool little motorcycle jacket. roll it up in a ball and throw it in a bag, see easy to travel with and this gorgeous cognac jacket >> the whole camel thing is so big in the fall. >> camel on. camel is the new color. this one, tment. might be more expensive. retails around $700, but it's three in one. you can zip off the sleeves, and it actually becomes a vest. >> how cool. >> so you can wear a sweater underneath it or turtleneck. >> pop off the collar and another look so three in one, really cool. >> these things stay. you keep leather jackets. take good care of them, they stay. >> army pants, that's in? >> military, huge trend. this is my favorite cargo pant. actually can you wear this either slouchy or skinny and tuck it into boots depending on how you wear it. >> even the model look, too. that's aclassic. >> kamo. kamo print. these are really friend.
11:55 am
these are jeggings part of the whole cargo military trend, camo. >> jeans, what are good piece points for jeans and you'll wear them year and year again? >> leggin$129 to 159 and anywhere from 159 to 189 is where you can find your really classic staple price for jeans. >> these are fall-like. people say they are super flattering. who buys the lighter jeans? is that only a summer look you can wear? >> most of the time lighter jeans are for spring and summer, a little more seasonal, so if you're going to invest money in a light pair, maybe spend a little bit less or wait until spring and summer and buy something th but dark never goes out of style, and that's because you can wear it for work. can you wear it to school. you can wear it dressed up. dressed down. you can, you know, wear it in a pair of boots and throw on sexy high heels and go out on the town. >> so they are really versatile.
11:56 am
>> black always works. >> always works. these are actually knit, jeggings, a little leather trim to tie back to theoo leather. >> cool. >> how much are pants like this? >> these run about 189 and in me of my more casual styles without the leather 129. it's like the pull-on. >> these, good colors, great fall colors, plum, turquoisy. >> usc color. >> yeah, we're us c girls, can you tell. >> peacock is really nice. this is fun when it gets in the dull winter months and you want to add a little bit of freshness to the wardrobe and have color so it doesn't seem so dull. and olive, which is never going to go -- part of the military trend, classic. it's kind of a classic neutral. >> how crazy is fashion week, and how crazy was the party at your store opening on friday? >> it was insane. >> how great it iabs that you're able in this economic downturn to oh. that's good news. >> absolutely. we have three stores now in new york city. five stores total. we had oeur grand opening store in sojo for the page store and
11:57 am
on mercer between spring and broom, and we had so much fun. the band carolina liar came to play. >>hat's really rocky. >> and my sister came to rock it. >> thanks for joining us. all fashionistas here, kind of. that's a wrap of our live msnbc coverage. stay with us. updates coming your way. about z® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ] so, we set out to discover the nutritional sciencee at purina one, we want your cat to be as healthy as possible in some of nature's best ingredients. that's how we created purina one with smartblend. nutritionally optimized with real salmon, wholesome grains and essential antioxidants, for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your cat. purina one improved with smartblend. discover what one can do.
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